AP CS Assignments
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Monday, November 5
The Great Referential Brain Hurt
  • Work on Towers of Hanoi Lab, due Tuesday at the start of class.
Tuesday, November 6
  • Reivew the AP CS A Java Subset published by the College Board. If you have questions about any of the items, come to class tomorrow with questions.
  • Review the AP CS A Java Quick Reference. You'll receive a copy of this document to use during the exam. You should be familiar with it so you know what you need to memorize, and what will be provided.
  • Do the practice FR questions I handed out in class.
Thursday, November 8
Friday, November 9
  • Final exam is Thursday, November 15, at 8:00am in our regular classroom (Conflict Exam period). We have an optional review session scheduled for 1:30pm on Wednesday, November 14. If you wish to meet with me individually please make an appointment.
  • Review topics studied so far this year. Anything we've covered is fair game for the final.
  • Short outline of things we've covered:
    • Computer Organization
      • Major components (CPU, RAM, storage, peripherals)
      • Representation in (and conversion between) binary, decimal, hexadecimal
    • Java Syntax
      • primitive types
      • objects and references
      • asignment and variables
      • loops, if, and other control structures
      • methods and parameters
      • enhanced for loops
      • generics
      • enumerated types
    • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
      • Class design theory
      • interfaces
      • inheritance
      • constructors
      • overloading
    • Complexity Analysis
      • Order of magnitude
      • Big-Oh analysis
      • best/worst/average case
    • Sorting and Searching
      • linear search
      • binary search
    • Recursion
      • Recursion
      • Base case, recursive case
      • Branching (trying multiple possibilities)
      • Backtracking
    • Comparable
      • .equals() vs ==
      • compareTo()
      • Comparators; compare()