Our American Studies Projects

Hello Co-investigators: Our First American Studies Page should include the following:

  1. One Gravestone from the 1700s or early 1800s; have text explaining the iconography of the parts of your gravestone (see web page below to help you understand the parts); click here for my example of Sam Kent, Esq. gravestone.
  2. Become an expert about a local artifact, a building or historic house, an aspect of architecture (roof(s), doorway; you can focus on a specific feature of the Phelps-Hatheway House. Before I list specific examples, let me explain how we can try to come to terms with the artifact or object. First explain and identify your object; then write about what interests you in this artifact or topic. Next try to explain how your object relates to a period in your history class as well as a character, plot, or literary situation from our class.

Here are some potential topics and artifacts: Asher Benjamin, the architect; the beautiful large beech tree; such as.

Web pages to help you understand and interpret your iconography:


My Gravestone; Sam Kent Esq.

The Lunette and Finials; Lunette hosts a cherub which had taken the place of death's head figure. Many scholars suggests that this symbol represents the soul's flight to heaven. The finial resembles the "Whorl" and "Pie" shape designs. Note also the border, signifying stability and order.

Inscription reads: In Memory of Sam Kent Esqr. who died 28th of Octr, 1772, in the 74 Years of his Age.