The Suffield Academy Book Review

Welcome to a student book review. The goal of this page is to catalogue books that Suffield students enjoy reading outside of class assignments. If you want to review a book for this page, email Mr. Sullivan directly.


Colin Henderson 5/2/02

Eye of the World

I am an avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, and I have read and enjoyed some novels written by some of the greatest Fantasy writers, R.A. Salvatore, Orson Scott Card, and now, Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan's book Eye of the World is a bold new step on the path that Tolkien created. It is the first book in a series called The Wheel of Time. It is based in a world where there are two different magical forces, one used by men and one by women. This magical force is called The One Power or The True Source, and only certain people trained to channel it can use it. The One Power is controlled by The Wheel of Time which weaves a pattern of life in which everyone is fitted in. These patterns are separated into separate Ages, and The Eye of the World starts off in the Third Age. The Dark One was imprisoned at the end of the First Age, but is now stirring and beginning to be able to influence the world once again. The story picks up at this point with a farmer named Rand al'Thor who is thrust into the middle of this conflict between good and evil for no apparent reason. Robert Jordan has a unique writing style that will please many readers. This book is a must read.