English II

Mr. Sullivan's goals:

Become a critical thinker

Appreciate the writing process

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

Literary Influences and Residues

Vocabulary Units:

This image of London is interactive. If your download was successful, it indicates the growth of the city throughout the whole 19th century. Compare this map with the other interactive map of London on that great Charles Dickens Home Page. Now, recall how Jaggers' office and Newgate reside in the middle of the city as well as Pip's apartment at Temple. Remember also how the location of the working class section, the East End, falls victim to the prevailing winds from the west and northwest, which not only produce the potential for fire but also provide the continual fog and haze of industrial and human stench. That's where Magwitch is living along the Thames, China Basin. In contrast, the more fashionable neighborhoods lie to the west, Westminster and the West Eng (theater district). No wonder, too, that Estella lives in Richmond, which is located west of the west end.