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Title: Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP)
Instructor: Jason Healy
Term: Full Year, offered when qualified students (with instructor's permission) are available, generally every other year. Next planned offering is for the 2019-2020 school year.

Description from the course catalog:

This course prepares students for the AB-level Advanced Placement examination in computer science, covering material typically found in the first two semesters of a college course in computer science. Because the syllabus closely follows the AP syllabus, students must take the AP exam to receive credit for the course. Although the AB-level exam is no longer offered, this course still covers the more rigorous set of topics to prepare students for college-level computer science.

This course builds on the foundation laid in earlier courses while continuing to stress the principles of object-oriented design and analysis, problem solving, and programming methodology. Java is the current implementation language for the AP exam, and we use it throughout the course. Topics include advanced data structures, algorithms, and a case study of a pre-existing program. We may also cover additional special topics as time allows.

Advanced Placement computer science is a demanding course intended for students with a strong background and interest in computer science. Students in the course should expect to spend eight to ten hours each week on laboratory and reading assignments.

Prerequisite: Introduction to computer science (or equivalent course work) and the permission of the instructor.