Computer Science Course Offerings

Suffield Academy offers several courses in computer science:

Students wishing to take the advanced placement course must first complete the introductory course (or its equivalent). The introductory course assumes no prior knowledge of computer programming. Interested students should have good keyboarding skills, and a desire to learn how to solve problems. Note that problem-solving forms a large part of computer science; students who do not enjoy tasks such as mathematical word problems should consult with the instructor first.

When scheduling allows, we also offer a special topics course, with a much more fluid syllabus. This provides students with more flexibility to study computers in the ways that interest them most.

Jason Healy is the Director of the Technology Department, and teaches the introductory and advanced placement courses. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions about the courses. Also, feel free to consult the information pages for each of the courses for more specific information; the navigation box on this page contains links for each course.