Pets, Not Cattle

System administration on a small scale

Jason Healy, Director of Technology, Suffield Academy

Welcome to my work blog, where I talk about some of the projects we take on at a residential high school. We’re not totally in the cloud, and still maintain several services locally on campus. Thus, we have experience with running a wired network, wireless network, local VM cluster, and network services. We also support a 1:1 laptop program for our students.

We’re a small shop so we aren’t always able to benefit from tools that are geared towards larger organizations (hence the name of the blog). That said, we love trying out new things (especially open source) and enjoy creating custom solutions that work best for our school.

I’m definitely a “web 1.0” kind of a guy, sometimes cautious to try new things until the hype dies down. That said, I do push newer tech like IPv6, and try to prioritize privacy and security for my users.

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