My name is Jason Healy, and I’m the director of technology at Suffield Academy, a boarding school in Northern Connecticut serving grades 9-12. I’ve been with the school since 2003, and as the director I’m in charge of the staff that support academic computing and maintain the school’s technology infrastructure. Suffield Academy is a one-to-one laptop school, and started its program back in 1993 (one of the first in the country to do so). As such, there’s plenty going on for us in the world of tech!

I teach the school’s computer science courses. Currently, I offer an introductory course that aligns with the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum and introduces students to the discipline of computer science. Students learn to make graphical programs, build LEGO robots, and make a game for their final project. I also teach AP Computer Science A(B), covering college-level data structures and algorithms, including advanced material no longer tested by the College Board. Finally, I offer an Independent Study in computer science, allowing students to pursue a topic of their choice (such as advanced networking, game design, and ethical hacking).

I have a hand in maintaining the school’s servers (primarily Linux), wired and wireless network, firewalls, and other infrastructure. I’m a big fan of open source and we try to leverage other projects when creating our own code.

Please check out my blog for more information on my interests and projects here at work. If you have any questions about the work that I do, you can reach me at